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We produce movies to entertain, to inspire, to educate, to uplift spiritually and to help bring unity and peace in our world.


Robert Craig Films was founded in 2019 in the quaint historic town of Meadow Vista located in Northern California with the goal of producing inspirational family films. Robert Craig, the founder of the company, dreamt over 32 years ago of producing full length feature films that all families can enjoy. 


Since the inception of the company, several film projects have been greenlit for production including Amy and Angel, Maya, The Lost Girls and The Almighty Yes. Each film has an engaging story line that provides value in the form of entertainment, being cause driven and spiritually uplifting. For example, the lead character in Amy and Angel is deaf and her dance partner is a rescued dog. This allows the story to shed light on the importance of the deaf community and how crucial it is that dogs have a loving home.


The Lost Girls, a child trafficking film, brings much needed attention to this criminalized industry so that parents and their children will be more aware and avoid suspicious encounters. The film enjoyed a successful premiere on the Lifetime Channel in March 2022. Maya, a sex trafficking film, focuses on how the culprits use social media to prey on their victims, will be in theaters early 2023.


Most of the movies that Robert Craig Films will produce are either inspired by true events or based on true stories.


Teaming up with Hollywood veteran Producer/Director/Writer Julia Verdin has allowed the company to fast-track film production in a number of ways. Robert Craig Films has benefited from her guidance in producing films, purchased her award-winning scripts and introduced to several key industry professionals.


A valuable strategy that Mr. Craig brings through Robert Craig Films, is the vision of building an audience while producing a movie. He believes that marketing the movie is just as important as making the film. One without the other is a waste of time. The company’s Big Harry Audacious Goal is to build tens of millions of followers and subscribers through their social media platforms and websites. Then, once the film is produced, he has a movie with millions of customers for distributors to consider.


Mr. Craig has always believed that a distributor would prefer to buy a movie that comes with millions of customers rather than a movie without customers. Entertaining movies are a dime a dozen, but to find one that has a large built-in customer base is quite rare. The company will also work hard on getting media attention to help build buzz during the entire film production process. To help accomplish this, they have retained an experienced public relations firm with solid contacts in the media industry.


One example of how creative the company is in their promotional efforts of building an audience, is with their international dog talent search for their screenplay Amy and Angel which they plan on filming in early 2023. They could have easily reached out to an animal actor talent agency in Hollywood, but they decided to have a global search for dogs that can do tricks, dance or something funny. They have even turned it into a contest by giving $25,000 away as a first prize, $10,000 as a second prize and $2,500 as a third prize with the consideration of being in the movie.


Another example of how Robert Craig Films is building their audience is by garnering attention on their award-winning screenplay Amy and Angel. They have submitted the script to film festivals all over the world. The script has already been officially selected in over 80 film festivals in over 15 countries and has already won over 30 BEST SCREENPLAY awards.


Watch a Robert Craig Films movie and feel the inspiration. You’ll be hungry for more.





"We produce movies to entertain, to inspire, to educate, to uplift spiritually and to help bring unity and peace in our world."

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