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Conventions, Festivals and Awards, Oh My!

Hello Everyone

It has been a crazy and busy couple of months since our last newsletter went out so I thought it was time to provide you with a quick update! Last week, we met with Christian broadcasters from around the world at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville, TN. It was a week filled with grace, worship, and connections but we'll get into that more in a bit. In other exciting news, our movie Amy and Angel has had incredible success in the screenplay category with film festivals - this is only the start!

In upcoming newsletters, I am excited to tell you more about Maya, an anti-trafficking film that we are also producing. I’ll also discuss the promotions we are doing for Amy and Angel such as the “$25,000 Dog Talent Search” and the seven world records we are going to attempt to break in the making of the movie.

Stay Tuned! Sincerely, Robert

Entering Stage Left

I have to say, it’s really hard to believe, but we only started submitting our Amy and Angel screenplay to the film festival circuit worldwide and we’ve already been selected as Official Selections at 19 film festivals.

5 of the 19 film festivals recently held their events and we won Best Screenplay on the following three festivals and Honorable Mentions on the other two. The verdict isn’t out yet for the other 13 festivals because they haven’t held their events yet. It’s a common procedure that if a film festival likes your script, they want to announce your Official Selection early on, then you may have to wait several months before they announce the winners at their event. Whether we win any more or not, we are so humbled to receive so many Official Selections to date.



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