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Fun Facts About Rambo!

  • He is a Bernerdoodle

  • Rambo turned one year old this past December 2021.

  • Rambo is very warm and fuzzy and loves people and other dogs and loves treats.

  • He is extremely mischievous. This is a trait of Bernerdoodles. He’ll go into ‘stealth mode’, with his head held down low, body crouched low, moving slowly forward, pointing straight at his target (another dog), then pounce on that dog, playfully. The dog never saw it coming because of the stealth feature of Rambo.

  • He takes basic commands well, such as sit, down and heal.

  • We walk him an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening every day. We have a couple dog walkers we work with that help us out a lot. We walk him at parks where there are other dogs for him to play with.

  • He takes a couple training lessons a month to stay on par with obedience.

  • As much as we wish he was as talented as Angel, he’s just not interested in dancing or doing tricks, they don’t excite him.

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