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Nikki Vogt grew up in Northern California and resides in the Sacramento Valley. She started her career in the packaging industry, where customer interactions and supporting the sales team came natural to her. She used her strong communication and delegation skills in training the team, expediting orders, and maintaining inventory.


She had then worked in a hearing center for nearly a decade, organizing schedules, managing workflow, and coordinating purchases. With the opportunity to work closely with hard of hearing patients, she focused on the importance of a well-run department by resolving issues and putting patients first. It was the joy in the patients’ faces and the ability to develop some great relationships that inspired her.


Not long afterwards, because of her skills in project management, purchasing, and collaborating, she transitioned her career to one of the nation’s leading gutter guard manufacturers, Gutterglove. While there, she leveraged her skills and poured her heart into the company and quickly became passionate about gutter guards. She filled several key roles in production, operations, business solutions, and procurement with enthusiasm and positive energy.


After working several years at Gutterglove, while garnering significant experience in the manufacturing world, Nikki decided to return to the packaging industry. However, once there, she quickly recognized that she had outgrown it. 


While considering her options for a career that was more challenging and adventurous, she discovered that Robert Craig Films was looking to hire an Associate Producer to assist in producing inspirational family movies. After an interview that went amazing at the company, she was immediately hired.


Even though the entertainment industry is new to Nikki, she jumped in with both feet, firmly planted on solid ground. With her excitement renewed, she finds herself once again making significant contributions to the team, using her many skills and talents.


Nikki is thrilled about being able to contribute to making entertaining family films as well as ensuring each production is well-planned and executed to achieve quality movies. It is the love that she has for her own family that allows her to enjoy the production process!

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