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Ashanti Joins The Cast of New Drama ‘No Address’

Full story below…

According to Deadline, the ‘Rain on Me’ songstress has joined the cast of ‘No Address’ – an upcoming drama that centers around a community of homeless people fighting eviction from their encampment.

Ashanti will play the character of Violet, an Iraq War vet who suffers from PTSD. In the process, her character has turned to drugs as a result.

“So excited……..I’ve never played a character like this before,” Ashanti said.

“Violet is an Iraq war vet who suffers from PTSD and has turned to drugs as a coping mechanism..which leads her to become homeless,” she continued.

Ashanti will star alongside acting heavyweights William Baldwin, Xander Berkeley, and Beverly D’Angelo.

The release date for the film has not been announced as of reporting.

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