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Robert Craig Films’ No Address Film Celebrates 100+ Film Festival Accolades for Feature Script...

Robert Craig Films’ No Address Film Celebrates 100+ Film Festival Accolades for Feature Script Addressing American Homeless Crisis

Production of the feature film is set for February in Sacramento region

Sacramento, California – (December 5, 2022): No Address, a scripted feature film that will begin production in February, will shed light on the human side of homelessness with beautiful and compelling storytelling. The film’s script, written by award-winning writers Julia Verdin and James J Papa, and advised by nationally renowned homelessness expert and Executive Producer, Dr. Robert Marbut, has proudly been named an official selection at more than 100 film festivals. Additionally, it has won awards or placed as a finalist at 61 of them so far, with the majority, 43, awarding it Best Screenplay.

No Address strives to effectively motivate viewers to engage deeper with compassion in the community around them and incite personal activation. To this end, Robert Craig and his company, Robert Craig Films, are taking a deep dive into raising awareness of the homeless crisis in America.

“We worked tirelessly to research the intimate details of what would allow us to portray this issue with the utmost accuracy,” explained Robert Craig of Robert Craig Films. “We are grateful to have an expert like Dr. Marbut on board who has extensive knowledge and experience working on this issue for decades, advising three Presidential Administrations, to help us make sure we were capturing this story in the most authentic way possible.”

The No Address team also just launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise a portion of the funds needed to produce the feature. More information on the campaign as well as photos and videos of their recent research tour to 17 cities nationwide is available on Indiegogo here.

Americans With No Address - Documentary

Robert Craig Films has just wrapped principal on a feature documentary titled Americans With No Address, which vividly portrays America’s leading crisis and the millions of people that suffer as a result. The documentary was directed by Stephen Wollwerth and Julia Verdin and produced by Robert Craig, Robert Marbut, Rebekah Rivkaent, and Angela Lujan. The production team toured 17 cities by bus to visit rescue missions and encampments and talk with individuals living there about their experiences, challenges, hopes, and dreams.

No Address - Feature Film

The narrative feature film, No Address, written by Julia Verdin and James J Papa, and to be directed by Julia Verdin, shares the story of a group of individuals experiencing this national epidemic due to various personal circumstances, with touching storylines pulled from the countless hours spent by producers visiting shelters, missions, and organizations that are on the front lines of providing services and solutions. Robert Marbut serves as an executive producer and Robert Craig, Sally Forcier and Angela Lujan will produce the film. No Address is currently in pre-production and starts principal photography on Jan 30th, 2023, in Sacramento. Casting has just begun.

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About Robert Craig Films

Robert Craig Films is a film company located in Placer County, California, with a mission to bring high-quality, entertaining movies with life-redemptive content to the screen. Robert Craig movies entertain, inspire, educate, and uplift spiritually - with the ultimate goal of helping bring unity and peace to our world. Visit for more information.



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