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Robert Craig Films Debuted 'No Address' to Showcase the Homeless Crisis

Veterans who are homeless have been a difficult issue to resolve. It has been difficult to make progress against the entrenched problem of homelessness among veterans despite great concern and increased resources. In addition, little is known about the complex set of factors leading to homelessness, particularly for veterans.

Robert Craig Films latest feature film, 'No Address,' is inspired by true events and the reality of the homeless experience in America. With over three decades of experience working in the field of homelessness and creating our nation's strategy and policy, Executive Producer Robert G. Marbut Jr. Ph.D. has advised three different Presidential Administrations in the field.

“On a single night in America, 1.2 million adults and 1.5 million children are experiencing homelessness. The status quo is not working. We need solutions to homelessness that focus on root causes and recovery, not short-term gimmicks,” says Marbut. “No Address helps people understand this plight with beautiful and compelling storytelling and, most importantly, how they can help.”

Image Credit: No Address Movie

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